We are a team of lawyers and analysts working to make our country’s authorities and institutions work better. We fight corruption in all its forms and at all levels. In the public sector and in the private sphere. We advise municipalities and individual citizens, expose corruption cases, and promote systemic anti-corruption measures and strategies.

Corruption has a devastating effect on society, on our economy, the environment and the atmosphere between people. That is why we are a partner to all those who seek greater transparency and accountability.

Our work is both fun and fulfilling. We approach every case with integrity and empathy, knowing that the law is just one of many tools that can be used to help people. In nearly 25 years of existence, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and gained allies in public administration. Thanks to this, we understand how municipal and city authorities, town halls and large state institutions work, and we can serve as an imaginary bridge between citizens and the state.

From individual municipalities to counties to the government, we keep an eye out for mischief. We monitor local corruption cases as well as those that have a society-wide impact. We hold regular seminars, provide free legal advice, co-create cities more accessible to people and help anyone who cares about the country they live in and how the authorities of that country treat their own citizens.




For more information or if you are someone who has a concern and wants advice on whistleblowing please contact us.

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